Each member of the Group runs certified production (GLOBAL G.A.P.) and uses in the cultivation the best, carefully selected raw materials, usually of foreign origin. Farming is fairly ecological, being subject to constant inspections, while mushrooms of respective species undergo regular tests for the presence of pesticides or heavy metals. Cultivations of our producers are not only aimed at quantity, quality being most important at each stage and translating into healthy food production.

Loading of White button mushroom and Brown mushroom halls is 100% automated, which allows keeping optimum technological process. Mushroom growth is stimulated in cultivation chambers exclusively by natural parameters (humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration). Production cycle on average lasts 42 days.

Growing other, more exotic species of mushrooms offered by BIEGPOL does not demand such a high productive input. Hygiene in cultivation houses and utility rooms, proper humidification and ventilation are extremely vital aspects, too.


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