Oyster mushroom comes from China, and is particularly valued for its taste and healthy qualities.

Mushrooms of Pleurotus group are particularly rich in group B vitamins, where riboflavin (vitamin B2) content is higher than in vegetables. They constitute a source of easily digestible mineral substances, such as: potassium, calcium or sodium, whereas in terms of copper content they surpass other cultivated species. Oyster Mushroom shows widely documented anti-neoplastic and anti-oxidising effect and helps reduce the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood. One of the values of Oyster Mushroom is its probiotic effect – it stimulates growth of probiotic bacteria. In traditional Chinese medicine it is considered to be life-extending agent.

You can find universal applications for Oyster Mushroom in cuisine – larger caps with crust taste like breaded pork chops, whereas when cut into stripes they can be prepared as goulash or letcho.


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