Shii-take - mushroom of East Asian origin, valued for walnut taste and aroma.

Just as in case of Oyster mushroom, it demonstrates anti-oxidising and anti-neoplastic effect, prevents sclerosis, reduces blood pressure. Due to its properties, it may be applied to prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseasesShiitakes are rich in B group vitamins, and microelements, such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. They are also a particularly good source of calcium. Traditional cultivation is done on freshly cut trunks of deciduous trees, whereas professional cultivation is done on sawdust cubes. By appearance, Shiitake mushrooms resemble Honey fungus (Armillaria), found in Polish forests.

Due to the country of origin, Shiitake is mainly used in dishes of Asian cuisine. They taste excellent when raw. It is recommended to try Shiitake as a home-made pizza ingredient.


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